Thursday, March 18, 2010

Contempt, thy name is Kevin

Kevvy favours his home State of Qld. and slights NSW

The object of my attention this week is how the Feds -- ie Rudd -- is treating the states with contempt; and in particular PM Kevin Rudd's contempt for NSW Premier Kristina Keneally, as was blindingly obvious last week. Did you see the footage? It was dreadful.

For video footage, check out this web site

Go to The Sunday Papers panel on the right, then hit the 3mins mark. Or if you would like to read about it, then the Daily Telegraph has a great article on the same subject.

So, the PM tours the country, spouting his usual rhetoric of just how he alone will save all of the nation's health care systems from "officially" remaining in third world status and how his Federal Government will be able to use a Centralist Controlling System (that's code for Communism) to do what a score of ALP State departments cannot do.

Just look at the body language displayed by the man towards two ALP Premiers, Anna Bligh and Kristina Keneally, and then tell me that he is not treating our Premier and our state and frankly all of us with absolute CONTEMPT!

Does this man really deserve our trust anymore, in this an election year!


glenisd said...

I like your style ZEG and agree with your sentiments. Many Australians cannot see that we elected a gang of Marxists, Socialists and traitors, plus Trade Unionists who are all of these things. They have done so much damage to our international relationships, our economy, killed four your Australians with their botched insulation scheme, are trying to destroy the Health System, letting in Muslim boat people by the hundred and are now trying to dismantle Telstra so that the maniacal Rudd can destroy the Broadband system. No sensible Govt could be as wilfully stupid as this and I can only assume they are doing as much damage to Australia before they are booted out to make way for their aim of One World Government.

The Weasel said...

I second what you write and what the others are saying. Rudd is dudd.