Monday, November 8, 2010


I have decided to take some advice and take a new direction regarding my random social comments and observations in writing.
I am a cartoonist, not a journalist and although both professions have very close ties in making social commentary, literally speaking they are worlds apart.

I have had several people comment that my writing was good and informative, also valid at times and I have had just the opposite response also.

The truth is that I do work too hard and sometimes sigh when I have drawn a cartoon and then know that I need to write about it. I just do not enjoy writing about what I have just drawn and really see no need to continue doing this.

Basically, life is to short and one must always focus on what they do best and enjoy best, if they are ever to excel and that is why I will no longer be offering a few paragraphs of my opinion on a subject but rather just let the cartoon tell the story.

I will assist my loyal followers by adding a news report link so as to assist any one out there who has just been to busy to know exactly what the cartoon is referring too ....... and really that is most of us these days......

Big Banks

Hillary Clinton Down Under

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The Weasel said...

Sharp, and speaks volumes. Actually, I think this says more .. good work. I promise to post it too.