Friday, January 14, 2011

Speak No Dribble, Hear No Dribble!

I refer you to an insightful piece by the brilliant News Limited columnist, Piers Akerman.

I was relieved to read this because I was starting to think that I was the only one who noticed the massive gap in crisis leadership skills that has been displayed in the last few days between Queensland's Premier, Anna Bligh and the PM, Julia Gillard. Fortunately Piers and a few other brilliant members of the commentariat (independent Talk Back presenters I mean) have also commented today on this glaring personality flaw displayed by our PM.

I am not a fan of Bligh or her Government, in fact it is likely that she we receive the same voter "get out of town" card at her next election as most certainly the New South Wales ALP government will also receive. BUT, during this tough time for this proud Queensland woman, we have seen her provide just the sort of leadership that you would expect from a PM.

Constant updates, in the middle of the fight always and showing a real and human side of her nature whilst co-ordinating a brilliant recovery plan. Only the opposite can be said for PM Gillard.

At best this was just another photo opportunity and her media tone and poor commitment to charity at home was enough to make this little cynical black duck wince. Wayne Swan, Peter Garret, Penny Wong and Bob Brown especially are as usual missing in action and not available for comment. "Still handing out the NO DAMS stickers Bob?"

I do think that the PM deliberately stood back from the issue so as to give Premier Bligh the chance to lift her personal poll ratings (and it will) and as far as the Labor Party line is concerned I can see why she would do that -- but still this would have been a great opportunity for her also to lift her approval figures.

Alas it appears that Miss Gillard has not learnt the lesson that former PM Rudd had to learn and that is to never take the Australian people for granted or for mugs.

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