Thursday, September 29, 2011


The most ludicrous thing (apart from the attack on free speech) about this very wrong judgement against Andrew Bolt was that Bolt was never talking about racism nor was he promoting it in the first place. See here

The fact is that he was promoting the opposite of racism, "UNITY" and exposing what many Australians already are aware of and that is the fact that people who do not deserve to call themselves Aboriginal are doing so even though they are several generations removed from the Original Australian Aboriginal DNA line.

That is like me claiming Scottish or Irish or Welsh or German or French or English entitlement just because there is a mix of all these ethnic origins circulating in my bloodstream. I mean, I claim to be an Australian as this is where I was born and hold my loyalty too.

My mother cannot help but claim her English heritage as she was born there but she can also legally say that she is an Australian because she was naturalised after she choose to emigrate here ... but if my great grandmother had sexual relations with an Aboriginal Australian and a child came of that union and that child turned out to become my grandfather then Australian law says I can claim Aboriginality and all of the social welfare schemes attached to that claim as much as a true Aboriginal who was born here or parents were born here and the blood line of their family is purely Aboriginal ....WHAT THE?

What a deluded mess this has become and clearly many who do not deserve the tax payer funded breaks that they claim are simply ripping us ALL off. As Bolt said in front of the court after the verdict was announced "We should be focusing on the things that UNITE us and not those that divide".

Well Andrew, we need that message to go back in time to at least several decades of political stooges form both major parties who used this form of apartheid (separating the internal population based on racial difference) as nothing more than a vote generator.

See how they have created a nation within a nation, with it's own laws, racial based freedoms and benefits and even a flag. How is that promoting a united nation.... What does the song say? ..."WE ARE ONE BUT WE ARE MANY...." Sure we are many but thanks to the abuse of welfare and the creation of the "ABORIGINAL INDUSTRY" we are and will never be one. Mr Abbott TEAR DOWN THIS WALL!!!...... with apologies to the late Ronald Reagan.

Incidentally, my brother is married to an Aboriginal woman thus my niece's are both eligible to the claim..... they don't do it, they work hard and claim nothing. That is being Australian in my book.


Shane said...

There is a Neanderthal head connected to that ham of a fist, with the associated intelligence. As evidenced in the current climate change debate where the silent majority are very noisy (honk, honk), but I digress. Read todays 'The Drum' and you will see what is called reasoned evaluation(no hysterics) on Bolt, so much more that he gives anyone else.

Anonymous said...

The "silent majority" the words invoked by a very noisy minority.