Sunday, January 5, 2014

Rocky Mountain High‏

There's a reason why Marijuana is called "DOPE". Who will run the city when 40 percent of it's inhabitants become addicted to this stuff? This figure came from this trusted report.

There are so many arguments to be had on this topic , freedom v regulation, criminality v legality, etc, etc and those long held views are being pressed even harder now.......... and that's good!

My point here is this, and it's not one that can really be debated because the known evidence is factual.

Dope decreases ones drive to get up and go to work, fact. Although the economic reasons do seem positive at first glance, on further examination of the other effects that come from widespread and prolonged marijuana use, the economic argument is really a false positive.

 Business owners and employees who do become addicted to this substance that once held a taboo of illegality (thus preventing them to even try or prolong use), will most likely see a very real change in their performance and profitability, let alone the safety and health implications.

I have a thousand reasons for why I hate the stuff and I can assure you that it doesn't make you draw or think better.

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Anonymous said...

I have never smoked any cigarettes
but took a puff a couple of times. it seemed a brain dead idea to me at the time.

However, if it is a good idea to help medical patients and is kept under lock and key like the drugs they use now and especially in the case of terminal patients, I would have no objections.