Wednesday, April 16, 2014

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The resignation of NSW Premier Barry O'Farrell

Well, no one can say that I'm not a little objective. I voted for this Premier and not only has his deceit shocked me (and yes I am calling it that because there is no way in the world in my opinion, that a man who is clearly not an idiot and as far as we know is not suffering for severe memory loss, would ever forget receiving that bottle of 1959 Penfolds Grange nor would he forget writing a personal letter of thanks to the lobbyist) but he has contributed to the damaging the entire political brand. No wonder the public is so cynical about ALL Politicians.

I'm biased, I am a Conservative so it hurts that much more when it happens to one of mine.

Obviously Bazza is continuing to play the "I don't recall card" because if he admits to fibbing then he will be committing perjury.

I hope I'm wrong but this whole thing seems just a little contrived. I mean he must have known that he would get caught on this out by just knowing that the letter of thanks existed and was likely to be produced, and that the courier company has a receipt of delivery with a signature!

Makes you wonder if our version of Water"HOLDINGS"Gate has Baz  more worried about things to come out later? Speculation of course but it just doesn't seem logical that this good man could find himself in this situation so easily!

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