Friday, August 29, 2014

Our real and present danger‏

I just heard that the ALP's, Kim Carr and the Greens leader "what's her name", seem to think that the PM's genuine concern and cautious but considered attention to assisting the US and other countries in a plan to end the mass genocide of people in Syria and Iraq, is some kind of a "distraction from his "unfair" Budget!

That they would use his sincere efforts to involve Australia in the conversation that will hopefully lead to the salvation of the innocent and the destruction of what is universally accepted as one of the most aggressive and destructive Islamist fanatical groups on the planet, as some form of a political football, speaks widely of the shallow nature of these Politicians and of their obvious ignorance of what is an ever growing global threat that must be dealt with NOW!

If either of these two individuals dare to turn up to an ANZAC memorial in the future then they should be publicly shamed for their hypocrisy!!

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