Saturday, September 20, 2014

No Thank You Jimmy.‏

Not sure how you felt about the Scottish Independence Referendum result but I was pleased the the UK will remain united with Scotland and that the relative economic stability of both England and Scotland will hold stronger due to the unity.

I think that the Scottish people were facing some serious economic and social issues ( far worse than any present ) just to be trendy and fashionable.

I'm a Monarchist: I don't want to see the UK broken up and I certainly don't want Australia's strong Constitution mucked up either in the name of "Nationalism".

I am at this time a strong believer that a Republican Movement is not thinking about the best interests of Australia and that what we have now works well.

You couldn't find a more patriotic Australian than me, so the argument from the other side that I am not being "progressive" and "proud" is a matter of fact but it's the use of their meaning of the words that I challenge.

Of course I'm proud to be Australian, I know my identity and my history well. Of course I will embrace progress but only when such change is necessary and not change for change's sake.

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