Wednesday, February 11, 2015


Well if you liked 1960/70's TV Sci-Fi or that huge cinematic success "Honey I Shrunk the Kids!", then you'll probably get a kick out of this cartoon.

Seriously speaking now, it is just bad for our democracy that the current Federal Opposition Leader, Bill Shorten actually thinks he is doing his job and a service to this country by sitting back & letting the Leftist Media throw all the slings and arrows at the Coalition Government and offering nothing more than "Shop Steward" style rhetoric whilst parroting media commentators.

If he is that void of any new ideas then surely it's the ALP that will be calling the next spill motion?...................

Come to think of it, they won't do it even if some of them are smart enough to see what most of us already now about the unelectable status of this alternative Prime Minister. They won't do it simply because of the damage the ALP Brand is still getting over the last bevy of leadership debacles.

CATCH 22!!!

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