Tuesday, March 22, 2016

The fight against or for meaning, it's on!‏

A  quick idea that came to me late last night. I suspect that you may be able to use it, if so then be my guest.

The term "Double Dissolution" is so widely thrown around a bit of late, that I personally wanted to ensure that I knew the true definition of the word within our language, as it always does sound out of context within my politically cynical mind.

I have much to be cynical about of late when it comes to the use of the English language, as it is certain that the meanings of many of our words do stand in the way of the Elitist Cultural Marxist Agenda to destroy the foundation stones of Judeo-Christian Society.

Marriage is of course the word that I refer to at present, thus the hypocrisy of the Leftist Raiders, as they are happy to cherry pick some words from our Constitution to fit their personal ends.

This Electoral Reform is needed but in certain degrees is being abused by the Oligarchy of the Big Two, or is it Three now?, to wipe out the competition. Hardly Democratic or even representative of our frail Liberty, in my humble opinion.

Background on the double dissolution here

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