Saturday, December 17, 2016

A Christmas Message for my friends from your friendly neighbourhood Conservative Cartoonist.

As we head into what was "once" one of the most significant dates in this country's short history, I am reminded of the times when I was a kid, just 40 years ago, and Christmas really was about the story of the Birth of Christ and all that it means to be in a Judeo-Christian Society.

I watch and read the media everyday, it's just a rerun of 'Yes Minister', only this time I'm not laughing.

Our Lord rarely gets a mention anywhere, in fact I no longer wonder how long it will be before He is completely phased out, as that is obviously the Plan and it is really working.

The Political and Media class are so afraid of the MONSTER of 18C, that they created in their never ending agenda of staying in power and on top, no matter what the cost. That's right!, Political Correctness is a huge vote winner now as well as a Ratings winner in this pathetic Social Engineering experiment called "Multiculturalism",..... that was inflicted on a proud mix of AUSTRALIANS back in the Seventies, a Policy that no majority Voted for.

Now we are not "ONE" as that song says, but a collective of tribes, fighting for dominance and Power!

So much happening Politically and yet nothing has really changed in the last 2 terms. It's S.N.A.F.U as we willingly slide further into the abyss of Marxist Lies, dragged there by the Useful Idiots of the Left, with their pointless non scientific THEORETICAL argument that Mankind IS AFFECTING and IS ABLE TO CHANGE the Global Climate. Clearly a delusional madness that a pretty lazy and gullible generation X & Y has swallowed.

No one trusts the major Political Parties anymore, the factions run the show, the lines are tooo blurred.

Our PM should be the Leader of the Labor Party and he should take half the Cabinet of Cowards with him! imho.

The Senate is so heavily stacked with small L liberals and single agenda nutjobs, that even if we had an elected PM trying repair the recent years of Labor/Greens Social and Economic Vandalism, he still couldn't get anything passed.

It's not Happy Holidays Australia, It's Merry Christmas!!!
Enjoy this whilst you can, because this Prophet sees only doom ahead, and that is regardless of who sits in the Lodge!

It's time for action, A new Hard Right Conservative Party that knows what it is restore Australia again. If that Party exists now or is in the making, well it can't come soon enough for me!

Godspeed and whether you Believe or not, I pray that He Will Bless Your House always.

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Amfortas said...

You have had a tough year, Zeg, and you have pulled through, smiling. So it shall be for our Nation and People. It is tough these days being assailed from all sides by Godless dorks of various ranks from PM to rank stupid LGBTs (lost good brain tissue). But it is a time of Hope. Do not lose that.

Personally, I am very pleased to see you up and about, back at your easel with brushes in hand. God Bless my friend. 2017 has to be better.