Wednesday, August 9, 2017


This is Political Correctness and Cowardliness at is BEST.

For the Bondi Council to uphold a stupid ruling to ban the construction of a Synagogue in of all places, BONDI (an iconic suburb of Sydney, populated heavily by those of the Jewish Faith for generations), is clearly not an act of protection of the people, but an act of submission to these throw backs and their Death Cult. A VICTORY for Islamo-Fascism.

Doesn't anybody understand what the TACTIC of TERRORISM is design to do? Well, this is it! to stop us from living our normal peaceful lives according to our free and secular society.

I believe that those who are involved in this banned construction, need to be named and shamed and removed from local government. Ironically, there are several people of the Jewish faith on this Council, who may be among those that signed off on this disgrace.

See Andrew Bolt's comment on this MADNESS.


AUSTRALIA is shamed. A NSW court last week banned construction of a synagogue at Bondi, to save locals from getting accidentally hurt if the Jews are shot or bombed.

After this decision by the Land and Environment Court, what’s next? Send Jews back to the ghettos to keep us safe?

What a victory for the jihadists trying to kill them.

This disgrace started when the Friends of Refugees from Eastern Europe decided to build a synagogue on tennis courts at Wellington St, Bondi.

Sure, people may worry that the synagogue or Jewish school down their street could be blown up, sending stray shrapnel into their house.

But where does such thinking lead us? Doesn’t it mean no synagogue, Jewish school, Jewish charity or even prominent Jew can live in your street without building defences for all their neighbours and passers-by?

No one could afford that. And why punish the target rather than the source of the threat?

No mosque has been shut down for being the meeting place of jihadists. Why do we ban the synagogues that are the targets but not the mosques that are the threats?

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