Monday, October 20, 2008

The Labor Party rout in the NSW by-elections

(For non-residents of NSW, the toon portrays Labor Party Premier Nathan Rees. Iemma and Carr are his predecessors. Fuller details of the by-election results are here)

Well, were the weekend by-elections a decisive victory for a return to commonsense, a "Shellacking" as this new lame duck Premier put it himself?

In some respects yes. I only wish that the punters had been a little bit more switched on to the truth about this New South Wales Government back in March 2007, a true vote of no confidence then would have meant that we didn't have to put up with these clowns until 2011.

There was however a very disturbing result in the marked approval for the only other alternative government outside of the Libs and that was the support given to those far left loonies aka The Greens. Talk about choosing the lesser of two evils!

And as you can see, this result only makes me more determined to want a true conservative independent party (sorry the Libs aren't it) to stand up for the silent majority who are so disillusioned with the mainstream political parties that they are willing to throw away a perfectly good vote on a bunch of Marxists Crazies.

So one step forward and one step back.

I am pleased for the people of Ryde but lets hope that this new Liberal seat is not just a flash in the pan -- a success only to be lost again to the ALP or (God forbid) The Greens. That come 2011 the Reverend Peter Garrett is proved wrong again and that the good folk of New South Wales DON'T have SHORT MEMORIES.

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