Tuesday, October 14, 2008

They get you one way or the other

"Trust Me, I'm from the Government". Sure heard that before -- and after all wasn't it leftist liberal GOVERNMENT POLICY that got us in to this mess in the first place!. Along with a good dose of greed (a human attribute, not purely the domain of any government) so what else can we do?

We have and always will need to trust the untrustworthy and that is the Catch 22 situation that most of us find our lives in. Sure the banks are strong NOW, and confidence is climbing, a great thing but what is a greater thing is the rocketing to reality effect that the last few weeks have had on us all.

For too long we have been at the beach, at the barbie, watching the footy, drinking our grog and letting our beautiful days go buy with neither a care in the world that there would be anyone who would want to stuff around with paradise as we know it....WELL NOW YOU KNOW, your paradise is always under attack and if you really want to keep it you have to fight for it .

You fight by being less apathetic towards the world of business and politics and start to develop a sense of responsibility and personal pride in yourself and country, think carefully about the issues that effect us not just now but in the future and vote accordingly, read more books and stop listening to the mainstream media exclusively as if they have the final say.

One final point, when are we going to get a political leader that will actually care about improving the lives of our elderly? Ask this question of your local member and when that answer comes back (probably spin) hold them to it , use the media and your freedom of speech to force these spivs to keep their word.

Here endeth the lesson. I am trying to prove the great H.L. Mencken wrong regarding his philosophy on the plight of western democracy..... If you don't know who or what I am talking about (most of my correspondents do though) then can I suggest you start reading more. Go to Google and source this man and his work, it's satirical yet eye opening thought and opinion.

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