Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Bali bombers

Hopefully by the time you see this cartoon many Australians and others around the world will feel a definite closure or sense that JUSTICE has been done finally. After 6 years and many appeals these cowards who now proclaim martyrdom in their sick and backward cause yet still till the very end appealed the death sentence.

Unlike their fellow Jihadists who took on the devils horns with vigour and dedication to their deluded cause by actually disintegrating themselves as they murdered the innocent, these three pieces of human trash cowardly attempted escape.

There will be no great "whore house" in the sky for these three, just fires and brimstone as they are welcomed by the likes of Adolf Hitler and Joseph Stalin.

No free travel for NSW schoolkids now

Cut back the bureaucracy? No way! Much better to cut back on things that actually help people, apparently

The other toon is certainly not as poignant but once again sets about explaining the true depth of fiscal disaster the state of New South Wales is now in, petrol prices aside. To call it "free transport" is another example of political spin, governments don't have money, only taxes to spend.

This transport issue for school children is another example of a corrupt system that has finally caught up with itself. Why are children that don't use the services still being charged by the transport companies both public and private?. Whether you send your kids to Private or Public schools makes no difference to me, but it does to these socialist criminals who still believe in the class warfare battle and ignore that up to 50 percent of all Private school children come from very middle class working families because these mothers and fathers are sickened by the failure of the public education system.

How is it that the Political Party for the working family is now going after parents who are feeling the financial pinch more than ever now and forcing them to search for more money to send their children to school as safely and economically as possible?

I hope that the leader of the opposition, Barry O'Farrell, uses this ALP money grab to restore faith in his party with the punters by reversing it and wiping the floor with these clowns come the next election.

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