Wednesday, November 26, 2008

A whole Ruddy year behind us

Well doesn't time fly while you're having fun. I'll bet that is what the PM thought when he realised that he has now been in the top job for one full year. For me the year has hardly flown nor has it been fun. KRudd has spent almost 70 days overseas, apparently representing you and me .....NOT ME FOLKS! I haven't agreed with ANYTHING that this man has done! Symbolic gestures and populous posturing to appease the loony left and most of it very dangerous to the greater good of the country, none less so than the ratification of Kyoto.

I know an Australian Prime Minister needs to make the odd overseas handshake but really to go to every possible event happening just because he can is in my opinion an abuse of his office. Don't we not have a Foreign Minister and Ambassadors to represent Australia? Of course we do but this PM lives like and I honestly believe thinks that he is a kind of Rock Star (thanks to the support of the Lame Stream Media).

I do believe though that this trend will end in 09 if he is listening to his advisers -- because I can't recall such a groundswell of disappointment in a first year PM since the Fraser days. One thing is for sure, the groundswell will erupt when people start to feel the true financial bite that is to come in 09 and the UNNECESSARY pain that will be caused when we all have to fork out the new global tax that is Carbon Trading. I can only hope that this will be enough pain to bring the punters back to their senses come election time in 2010.


Leon Bertrand said...

I've written an article on Rudd's first year which is quite critical: a

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