Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Guantanamo inmates to Gaza!

My first toon for 2009 is almost an ominous sign of things to come with regards to not only our PM and his true agenda but that of the incoming US President. Would a real friend of Australia actually ask us to take some of the most dangerous individuals in the world and not imprison them here but allow them freedom and immigration status?

Not in my book. The very same freedoms and democratic lifestyle that the "PRISONERS OF WAR" in Guantanamo Bay were fighting to destroy.

This issue has been floating around the extremities of the LAME Stream Media for a few weeks but it wasn't until Jason Morrison on 2GB expressed his horror at such an insane decision, that was actually being considered by the Rudd government, that the leader of the Opposition, Malcolm Turnbull rushed to the phone early last Friday morning to express his opposition to the relocation plan and to add his voice to the many of the normally silent majority who soon wrote and called to express their outrage.

It then took only a few hours for the Acting Prime Minister Julia Gillard to get on the air and backflip their way out of this. Still she didn't leave the barn door completely shut, stating that "each individual case would be assessed" according to our "strict immigration criteria".

If just one of these fanatics makes it here and sets up camp then it will be a true betrayal of all those who have and currently are fighting and have died to protect the freedoms and Aussie culture that really you and I had better stop taking for granted!!!

If Obama wants to close down Gitmo -- "more pandering to his left wing voter base" -- then send the scum of the earth to Gaza, I am sure they will be right at home.

("The series" refers to cricket. The Australians were defeated by South Africa)

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