Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Gough Whitlam (Still alive in his 90s) was a Labor Party Prime Minister of Australia in the '70s who knew lots about most things -- but (by his own admission) nothing about economics. His chief achievement was to overspend on madcap schemes to the point of giving Australia 19% inflation.

With all the issues at hand and in this, an election year, one would think that the Federal Coalition Party would have little to do but sit back and wait.

With Rudd's GST blackmail of the states and his complete unabashed bribery of the voter, with borrowed CHINESE money! On top of all of the broken promises, untruths, pandering, rhetoric and just downright irresponsibility when it comes to border protection and the economy, how then can this man, Rudd, and his government expect to maintain their place in power?

Once again we seem to witness history repeating itself -- and who would have thought that the 1972 Whitlam Government could have ever have been surpassed for socialist big government policy and incompetence and yet still hold such high popularity with the average punter?

Today, Gough Whitlam is being referred to as a living legend, even after he was rightly dismissed by the Governor General, Sir John Kerr, back in 1975. The first and, to date, only Australian Prime Minister to be FIRED!!!

Alas, I can foresee that this present PM will also be held in high regard in years to come. Like Ned Kelly and Chopper Read, we Aussies seem to love our villains.

This is in my mind the most troubling symptom of a populace that has become disillusioned by a string of corrupt and inept state and federal politicians and made brain dead by an over sycophantic leftist media -- along with decades of Socialist/Marxist engineering by those who would have you believe that what is happening in the Big Brother House and on the footy field is FAR more important and relevant to you and your children's lives than the high-taxing big government and the slow decay of your culture.

The very freedom and democracy and culture for which your grandparents and generations before, spilt blood, sweat and tears to build and maintain will be nothing less than a notation of events in the rewritten history books of our great grand children.

This is just what the one-worlders have been planning for ages -- and with the tool of "Political Correctness" we have given Rudd and his minions the green light to piss away our children's rightful inheritance whilst he and his ilk will sit high at the table of true power, THE NEW UNITED NATIONS!

Below is a link to one of the most important interviews and social and political comments of this Federal election year. I would like to think that every Australian could listen to and absorb the wise observations of two of this country's most aware commentators and patriotic Australians that I have ever had the honour of knowing, Alan Jones and Piers Akerman.

Podcast here

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You read this right. Spot on commentary.