Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Bursting the Multi-Culti bubble of Leftist Delusion‏

Above is a cartoon drawn to accompany an article appearing in the next edition of The Spectator Australia magazine. This piece is a great observation of the narrow-minded and delusional state of the progressive liberal mindset and examines just how truly superficial and dangerous that wet-dream multi-culti bubble is, as well as how easily it can be popped when they to have to confront actual reality.

The article relates how a Lefty became a racist -- even in her own eyes -- when she had to live among people from cultures rather different from her own. Her tolerance was an academic theory that did not stand up to reality

The article is a revised version of one that appeared in "The Punch" last January but please pick up a copy of The Spectator Australia, which is available this Friday to get the latest take on the matter.


The Weasel said...

Thank you for another awesome piece.

Jack said...

The woman who wrote the article was an idiot not because she was racist but she assumed that because she didn't get on with everyone that automatically made her a racist. I'm a uni student and I've lived with people of all races, and quite frankly there have been idiots of all colours and creeds too. But you know what? I didn't judge them on the colour of their skin, i judged them on their merits, something I think would make the world a better place if everyone did it. To automatically assume someone is bad just because you have a preconceived view about their race is a disgrace.

glenisd said...

That is what we are all up against.
The stigma of racism is being applied to nearly all white people, not no white. It is not a good thing for multiculturism./ Anyway, who says we have to be all touchy feely with people we don't know, white or otherwise. Thank you Zeg.

Jack said...

glenisd no-one is forcing you to get all "touchy feely" with people you don't know. But hey - lets bring back the white australia policy right? Who cares that it alienated the international community impacting our trade and branding australia racist nation.

Glenis said...

Jack, we are still being branded as racist no matter what we do. White people in this left inspired world are the new non people, rapidly becoming a minority. However we can still choose our friends and our politics as we are not quite the same as North Korea yet. Millions of people all dressed the same and looking the same and not allowed to think for themselves. Socialism gone rampant! Of course, we judge people as we find them, whatever colour they are. Friendship is something we develop over time and it does not have anything to do with black or white skin.

Jack said...

glenisd about 90% of the Australian population is of European descent. I would hardly call us anywhere near the "minority".

"we are still being branded as racist no matter what we do"
Well if you say something offensive regarding someone's ethnicity than that does make you a racist, otherwise I seriously doubt every single thing a person does could be branded racist.

"Socialism gone rampant" You're talking about North Korea right? Because ideologically North Korea is nothing like socialism. Its a perversion that claims to be socialist but is the complete opposite. If you made the statement that whenever someone tries to implement reforms that control the free market too strongly it leads to totalitarianism, not socialism, you would be correct.

The cartoon was not particularly clever because it was based on a stupid woman who confused disliking certain individuals as racial hatred.