Friday, June 11, 2010


Many commentators and people in general are asking the question "when is this resources super tax issue going to end?"....and rightfully so.

Well, I am sure that this is a question that Prime Minister, Kevin Rudd and Treasurer, Wayne Swan never really thought that they would be dealing with now, but are asking themselves it on an hourly basis. This new super profits tax, that will destroy any chances that the Howard battlers had of getting ahead, is in my opinion, the nail in the coffin for Rudd's reign in the Lodge.

The arrogance displayed by this pair of "Public Servants" in not consulting privately with the mining industry about this new tax, should not surprise anyone but what should really should start to ring warning bells is the fact that these two actually thought that this would be a popular view with the voters, not affect jobs and that the mining industry would be happy to roll along with the plan. Reckless behaviour and clearly they do not understand the Australian people.

We are also expected to swallow more of Wayne Swan's rubbish when he says, that this process of negotiation with the miners has been according to a series of plans and steps. Too late for me to swallow that one Wayne! -- even though that would have been the correct way to have gone about things. One can not state retrospectively the plan as you wished it would have been as some kind of fact.

The lack of care shown in this approach simply reeks of arrogant foolishness. How can we leave the sovereignty and economy of this great country of ours in the hands of these men and women and this political party for another term?

What is refreshing is that the mining giants didn't run scared of Rudd and Swan and rather stood shoulder to shoulder against the rape of Australia's last and only true performing industry.
Maybe we should think about electing a few of the mining magnates, at least we will have leaders with a backbone.

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The Weasel said...

Another excellent one, ZEG. I suspect the miners have stood shoulder to shoulder as they have no choice but to wait until this abysmal government dismisses itself before the end of the year.