Sunday, June 27, 2010

Executing Necessary Reforms

Well, what a difference a day makes in our nation's capital. To say that this ASSASSINATION of a Prime Minister (even a bad one like Rudd) was bloodless would be like saying that Joseph Stalin never really meant any harm to his Generals who disagreed with his tactics or that Adolf Hitlers 1934 "Night of the Long Knives" was nothing more than a butchers convention.

Anyone who truly believes in the Australian Labor Party as being a party for the people and the workers, can now see just what a bunch of heartless, divided, ruthless, selfish and undeniably disloyal mob it has become.

Many of the political commentariat (red flag wavers most of them) are gloating that this change of leader will secure a victory for the ALP -- as Rudd was just unelectable and a liability. I do agree with the latter comment, Kevin 07 had certainly lost his way and as he was no longer consulting with the factions -- if he ever did? The public were FINALLY seeing the man for what he really is and not what the leftist media had wanted you to believe. He simply should never have been the Australian Prime Minister; he is and will always be just a bureaucrat with an esteem issue.

However I do not agree that Tony Abbott's Conservative Coalition will have a much harder time to win government at the next election just because Rudd is gone and Gillard is now in the big chair. A lot does depend upon timing and, no doubt, Gillard will capitalise on the media "honeymoon period" as they wax lyrical about the obvious fact that she is the first female PM (unelected PM that is) and will harp on about her proud parents and the relatives in Wales, the hair dresser defacto boyfriend etc, pap, etc, pap.

But what they will not want you to think about is that this far left activist of days gone by is now and was a major contributor to all the failed policies that Kevin Rudd is now being put to the sword for and that she will have one hell of a job to please the factions, especially the right of the ALP as well as getting her agenda as PM across the line.

Yes, Julia Gillard probably doesn't want a lot of what Kevvy wanted but will she be able to get her way if she continues to be beholden to the faceless mongrels who power-brokered her way to the top job?

Rudd was certainly a dictator in his party and that is why he is gone but the question is how long will Julia put up with being told that she will toe the factional lines and that she had better not get to pragmatic or even bossy as she will too be looking for a new job.

Richo was correct when he penned his now infamous ALP screed "Whatever it takes" because this incumbent government will do whatever it takes to remain in power and, after all, isn't power what this government is all about!?!

As for Rudd, well "can I just say this": If you live by the sword then you will die by the sword [Matthew 26:52]. Cliche, yes, but in this case most apt.

Should be a very interesting few months for voters. And for cartoonists, this is a dream come true.

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The Weasel said...

Well said, ZEG. Well illustrated.