Wednesday, December 15, 2010

It's a matter of FREEDOM OF SPEECH, that's all

I must admit that when I first heard of this man, Julian Assange and his WikiLeaks website, I thought here we go another anti establishment lefty who has nothing better to do than to hack into government websites and realise confidential military information that will soon be in the hands of the enemy.

I guess it is true that some of the information that has been released has caused genuine concern relating to the safety of some individuals who are or were involved in activities that they would be better placed to remain anonymous....... or so that is what the US Government told us all!

I guess that is the main sticking point for me but after that I can gladly join in with the chorus of millions of people throughout the world who value our very freedom of speech, as I certainly do, and say that this man should be set free and made a hero of the public for having the guts to expose diplomatic cables and other so called confidential papers that clearly point to corruption and deception by leaders, ministers and diplomats globally.

Incidents ranging from involvement in corporate/government rorts to war crimes.

The fact that several government leaders have condemned the man so quickly and many have called for his immediate imprisonment for just exposing the truth, would have you think that the entire first world has become a huge Stalinist state...........

Hmmmmmm, looks like the Fabians really did get want they wanted for Christmas, ONE WORLD SOCIALIST GOVERNMENT!

If Assange was nothing more than a journalist, doing his job to expose corruption and deceit then why would a government either the US or UK or Sweden and even Australia be so quick to condemn him and cook up some charge of sexual assault as a way to get him behind bars.

I guess the truth is just a little toooo scary for many first world government leaders to cope with and the solution to their fear is to shut down the voice of dissent and freedom. Sorry I am with Assange now because I will not stand by and watch as a man (regardless of his ideology) is made a pariah and political prisoner. It certainly doesn't change my support because he is also an Australian either.

Sorry Oprah, there is someone a little more important than you, so off the front page now. Let's hope that the granting of bail will lead to an acquittal from any crime and this Aussie doesn't become a political prisoner in any country. This story is far from over.

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