Thursday, February 17, 2011

The Grubs of Canberra

I guess you don't have to be a rocket scientist to understand the range of events that cause absolute hardship and ruin to an Australian Farmer. Drought, Flood, Cyclone, Disease, Insect Plagues, of course, but now there is a new threat, a more insidious and viral destructiveness, that I have never seen before...... THE AUSTRALIAN PRIME MINISTER!

Yes folks this Marxist loving red headed woman that we call Jooolia has taken it on herself to contribute to the already destructive market forces of cheap imported food goods. If it wasn't enough that our Apple farmers have to compete with the POLISHED COMPOST BIN of apples from China (I call them that because there is a great deal of evidence that the Chinese farmer uses HUMAN FECES to fertilise their crops), our glorious leader has historically stood before the New Zealand Parliament and thought to herself.... " How can I make these Kiwis like me?", .... and within seconds she was declaring the Australian Apple Market fair game and hoped that our brothers and sisters across the ditch can grow rich from the fruit loving Aussies. She was applauded loudly and the grin on her face said it all......."TAKE THAT AUSSIE FARMERS". See here

Well, really I can't state that I know exactly what was going on in her mind but really can anyone come close to understanding the method in the madness so openly displayed here!?!

I cannot see a good side to this decision, on the other hand is this not more evidence of the continuing ideology of the Marxist Left, to destroy the backbone and foundation stone of any independent western nations and that being, it's own food security. Clearly she wants us to continue to be dependant on overseas sources for our very survival. If this isn't treason by stealth then I don't know what it is.

There is still a solution to this woman's crime and any other political "leaders" act of bastardy forced upon our nations food growers..... DON"T BUY THE BLOODY FOREIGN FOOD!..... Like I said, it's not rocket science!


GlenisD said...

You've never said a truer word Zeg. There is no end to this duplicitious woman's treachery. Why does not the Coalition call her out in Parliament for this? or do they not get a chance.

There are so many fronts they could attack her on but she always seems to get the best of the encounters because of the sheer effrontery of her comments - and the sad part of it is that many Australians do not see through it.

They don't seem to know how good our farmers and their produce is and only go by the "specials".

Of course the leftist media has been paid off via the $250 million donated to the Tv channells and they are already as dangerously left as their allies, the Greens.

GlenisD said...

Our Australian apples could be damaged by fire blight which I believe has been a factor in the refusal to bring in NZ apples. But hey, what does this failed PM care?
I wonder if she even ran it past the Labor caucus first.
Also the chinese apples have a tiny label called Great Wall but no mention of China. As you say Zeg, don't buy them