Friday, February 25, 2011


Who the hell would be surprised at this backflip? This PM and her government haven't kept one pre-election promise and I guess we are all cynical enough and apathy-affected never to put any credence in a pre-election pledge of any politician. But with that said, if any promise had to be broken then this is the one I was hoping she would keep. Julia wants a "great big new tax"

Clearly the deal done with the Greens and the Independents,(Oakeshott and Windsor ) by the ALP for the numbers needed to maintain government is now in play. Disgustingly this PM of ours has put her Labor Party's needs above that of the people by introducing a carbon TAX and with no real concern for those without, she is effectively destroying her party's chances of winning the next election......irony, I love it!

Most people are not sold on the false science of anthropogenic climate change (polls are bogus at best) and the rest are either so wedded to the religious ideology of Gaia, the mythological goddess personifying the earth, or are just too apathetic and ignorant to care or understand just what is happening and why. This is what Gillard and the Greens have been counting on to introduce two taxes ( the flood levy also pushed though on the same day ) whilst all of Australia is transfixed on the recent Earthquake disaster in New Zealand.

The fact is that she is on record as stating that no carbon tax will be introduced by a government that she leads........... well, clearly she is not running the government , Brown Milne, Oakshott and Windsor are and that is a travesty of our democracy. This minority government arrangement is unfair and unbalanced and needs to go. I am not sure if the politics of this will make it possible for Tony Abbott and the Coalition to stop this economic rape but I am sure if there was an election tomorrow, Gillard and her socialist criminals would be tossed out on their so called " feel good asses".

Everything will rise in price, from petrol to all goods and service and it will certainly be the elderly and the disabled and sick and those on minimum wage or welfare that will feel the effects of this tax more than ever. Hopefully this large segment of the Australian public will hold this government to account on the next election day.

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Bushman said...

aaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh well, there ya go...........just another lyin' opportunistic scumbag political hack suckin up to the Greenies and the loony left... I had hoped better from the first female Prime Minister, but shit is shit wherever you step on it...............