Saturday, July 27, 2013

The Pot calls the Kettle BLACK???‏

(Former prime minister Julia Gillard says Australians would have been more outraged at her treatment as a woman if she were black)

Well if you think that Australia has gone from the sublime to the ridiculous as far as leadership is concerned then I would give you credit for at least having enough wisdom and intelligence to see that. Rudd in my opinion is a very lose cannon and a cunning megalomaniac who sees the office of PM as nothing more than his God-given right and as a stepping stone to a UN high office.  Clearly I am no fan but that doesn't make me for a minute state that his predecessor was in anyway better. Not with the same motivation as K Rudd but she certainly was motivated....... the question in my mind now was just what was it?

What was she thinking, either then or now to say such a thing? The madness of that ridiculous blue ties speech seems to me to be the marking point of a person breaking under the pressure and these reported comments prove it. No, not because she is a woman, please spare me that insult line, but because she was just a very bad PM and Leader.

Funny, I haven't seen much said on this yet but I guess it will get an airing soon enough........ maybe?

(Nova Peris story here)

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