Saturday, July 20, 2013

The False Profit (pun intended)‏

My take on this new Rudd "Asylum seeker" Solution. Seems like this twit thinks he is some kind of a diplomatic miracle maker, rather more like the pyromaniac who turns up to fight the fire he started. This might work in stopping arrivals here but it will not stop people drowning at sea as they will still head here or they either take PNG or try for NZ.

I think the UN High Commission might see this differently and no doubt the Greens are on the phone to them. Stupid 1951 convention that related to another world. My solution is quite simple, we rip off our signature, fly 747's to the real refugee camps around the world, process them their and bring them in by the plane load. The UNHCR would love this and it would encourage other first world nations that can help to do the same. It would be great to double our intake, maybe even more. This would stopp the economic migrants from feeding the people smuggling trade, overnight.....IMHO

I'll bet Rudd had a caveat install in the agreement.....that no matter who wins the next election they change the name of one of the PNG islands to RUDDLAND!

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