Tuesday, February 25, 2014


On the Left hand mushroom is the Labor Party;  On the right hand mushroom is the Greens.  Scott Morrison is the immigration minister in Australia's conservative Federal government

When written by English author Charles Lutwidge Dodgson under the pseudonym of Lewis Carroll, Alice's Adventures in Wonderland was seen as the most spectacular literary journey of fantasy & imagination that the world had seen. So much so that many were convinced that such fancy could only have been conceived under the  influence of mind altering drugs such as Opium.

Maybe so, but after listening to the outrageous claims and statements regarding "our murdering of an asylum seekers and the sacking of one of our best Federal Ministers" all from the leaders of the Party for Drugs and Marxist Good Times, THE GREENS, well, Alice's journey down the rabbit hole looks far more like a factual wildlife documentary.

The madness isn't just parochial, as the most murderous regimes in the world, China & Iran, have now publicly backed the Greens claims of our shameful inhumane treatment of illegal arrivals.

Seriously, the Greens are the Greens and I guess we can expect much more MADNESS from them as long as the Stoners, the ideological naval gazers and the Red Diaper Babies of the 60's continue to support their hidden agendas BUT the real threat to us all is the alliance that the once sensible ALP now have with this mob of Marxists.

Leader of the ALP, Bill Shorten should immediately stop being the Mad Hatter at the Greens CRAZY TEA PARTY and sip from the bottle marked "REALITY" if he truly cares about his own job, his Party and above all, about Australia!!!

BACKGROUND: Comment from the Leftist Sydney Morning Herald.

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