Wednesday, February 26, 2014



Am I talking about the disgraceful display during yesterday's Senate hearing from the 'Unionist for Ever', Shadow Minister of Defence, Stephen Conroy. Where he publicly slurred the good name of one of this countries great Australian Military leaders?...... well no, I could not in polite circles state here a word befitting the character of that ALP minister.

The coward that I speak of is the so called "leader" of the ALP, the Hon. Bill Shorten. His quite candid support today for the disturbing actions of Conroy, speaks volumes of just who is running the Federal ALP. Clearly Shorten relies so heavily on the support of the left of the Party, that to even think of asking Conroy to publicly sat SORRY for accusing a decorated 3 Star General of compliance in some sort of Governmental "cover up", without any proof mind you! is so impossible, PROVES to me that there is a new mob of "Faceless Men" running the agenda and that Bill Shorten is nothing more than a poster boy puppet.

At a time when the ALP Leader could have walked into question time with his head held high and waving the latest News Poll, the highest approval rating in ages, he allowed his mate Conroy to go unchecked thus giving the Government so much ammunition to fire, that all Shorten could do was sit their and cop the barrage. In my humble opinion, if Shorten doesn't take back the reins of the ALP from the leftist union masters and numbers men, then he will soon suffer the fate of his last two predecessors and will go down in Australia Political history as the WIMPIEST ALP Leader of all time.


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