Saturday, June 28, 2014

Carbon Foot Print That!‏

I gotta hand it to the big boof head from Queensland, because he has really knocked the Greens and the Leftist Media cheer team down a beautiful side step.

Did anyone see a photo of the leader of the Greens, Christine Milne and Former Demoncrat Vic President & Global Warming Alarmist Guru, Al Gore actually together whilst he was here? ......

I didn't!, in fact I doubt they ever met. Think about that if you still believe that Al Gore is on some great environmental crusade to save the planet!

Also what about the eggs on the faces of the Canberra Press Gallery and all of the other "Useful Idiots" in the Media, who have all drunk the "Koolaid", that had a Love/Hate relationship with Palmer from day one? Now that their enemies' enemy is not as they thought and Palmer is actually going help the Carbon & Mining Taxes be sent to the historical trash bin of ALP Crap Policy?

The big cuddly Clive can no longer be seen as a trustworthy friend of the ABC and Co.

I think it's pretty obvious now to understand just what Turnbull had negotiated with Palmer at the infamous Chinese Restuarant meeting. Turnbull and his G&Sachs buddies (including Gore) want an Emissions Trading Scheme badly. It is literally making money out of trading thin air and the greater part of the Ponzi Scheme than a CO2 Tax or any of the other Marxist redistribution of wealth agendas attached to this whole global AGW scam.

The PM doesn't believe in AGW or Man-made Climate Change any more than most sensible people do but his "Direct Action Plan" is a 3 billion dollar political con to win over swinging voters who can't vote for the Left but have swallowed the DR Gore's Magic Mystical Cure All Elixir called "An Inconvieniant Truth" LIE. It's a case of the old political adage of appearing to be doing something is always better than doing nothing, even for this PM.

Turnbull has been Machivellian in the design of this and Palmer is as much a puppet as a player. If the ETS is even on the table as a possible in the near future (regardless of whether or not the world plays), then Turnbull will be vilified.

Remember he lost his leadership because he backed an ETS. This so called "compromise deal" with the PUP to make sure the CO2 Tax is repealed has a lot more to do with Turnbull's future ambitions than getting rid of this insidious tax.

Mark my words, if there is an ETS accepted by the Coalition as a way for the CO2 Tax to go, then not only will this favour the financial interests of the likes of Big Business Traders like Gore, Palmer, Turnbull and Co but it will make Turnbull look a lot more saleable when numbers are counted again for the next leadership spill.

Abbott should tell Palmer to stick his Cap & Trade deal, along with his other stupid ideas and if the Carbon tax repeal is blocked then call another election. I believe that our PM has the balls to run the country and not to make deals with egomaniacs like Palmer and that he would win the another Federal Poll.


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