Friday, June 6, 2014

The Great Pretender‏

If you missed this mornings important political/radio moment then here it is. Alan Jones talks to Malcolm Turnbull.  Possibly the most downloaded and listened to radio interview of the year.

 2GB Breakfast presenter Alan Jones, clearly has never been a big Turnbull fan but has always shown him due respect ......and yet, all day I hear talk back caller after talk back caller stating that they are in SHOCK that AJ would turn on his own Party and shine a light on a what appears to most interested followers to be a growing split in the Liberal's executive.

Malcolm Turnbull wants proof of such division, well his actions speak louder than his words and I think that he appears now to be no different than a kid who has been caught with his hand in the cookie jar. I have been watching closely and I have noticed many, many times since 2009 that when Minister Turnbull gets an audience of any kind (usually Left leaning), he ever so subtly undermines his Leader.

The love affair he has with the ABC's Tony Jones (of Q&A) & the most dangerous man in Australian Politics, Clive Palmer MP, is a real insight to the left leaning personality of this member for Wentworth.

In my opinion I believe that he doesn't take losing anything very well and that the sour grapes are still brewing in his cauldron of revenge for Tony Abbott taking away his Leadership which was most likely to lead him to the Lodge. It should be remembered that he lost his leadership because he supported an ETS on Carbon and Abbott did not. Of course he would because he is a Banker through and through and it would only be the likes of large traders that would benefit from an Emissions Trading Scheme.

Journo & Presenter Andrew Bolt and Alan Jones are doing a fine job for exposing this underhandedness and suspicious behaviour. Sure it can be argued that this exposure is doing that job of the ALP but wouldn't you think that the ALP would and in fact are doing this anyway. Jones & Bolt and a few other Conservative commentators have noticed these strange machinations of Malcolm Turnbull and are doing the right thing by us all in shining a light on what is clearly the actions of a man who is not a team player.

I love his electorate, I grew up there, I even went to the same school as Malcolm, Vaucluse Public and I have meet him at social events more than a few times. I even drew and framed a caricature for him to put in his office. I liked him back then.  He was a different bloke. Alas since he lost the Leadership of the then opposition party to Tony Abbott, he has definitely changed.

I think now that he would have made a much better Minister in the Labor or even the Greens Parties. My advice, although he would never listen to it, is to simply quote that great old adage, "If you lay down with dogs, then do not be surprised if you get up with a few fleas".

Palmer is a huge mongrel in our political kennel and Turnbull calls him a friend. Alan Jones is doing his job and doing it objectively. For once even the Left can't disagree with that..... of course they will try!

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