Tuesday, November 4, 2014

The United Nonsense

Obama's big gas-guzzling helicopter is no problem but Joe average's car is?

Well with the release of more rubbish from the UN's IPCC, it seems to me that this old panic machine of propaganda for the Agenda 21 crowd, is working overtime due to a real feeling of inadequacy & quick abandonment.

Let's face it, this "Great threat to Humanity, that we caused", hasn't been getting the press that it thinks it deserves of late due to little matters such as the Islamic Global Holy War and the threat of a recently new plague that could easily become pandemic.

Plus the fact that all of their soothsaying has been so debunked and degraded, that even the founding head of GREEN PEACE, Patrick Moore has  spat out the red pill with the koolaid the moment he detected the anti human taste that lurks within the entire Anthropological Climate Change SCAM! I have great admiration for the courageous stand of Professor Moore. Every idiot friend that he has now lost is truly his gain!

The report is typically insulting to anyone's intelligence but it is aimed at the lower intellectuals among us, so I guess they still understand their target audience.

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