Monday, November 24, 2014

Firebrand Bill‏

What happens when a Leftist sees  his propaganda machine  under pressure -- rage

I am sure that you caught this weekends outrage and fury of the Chardonnay Socialists and assorted useful idiots of the Left because the Abbott Government dare to take away their propaganda toy for the small excuse of budgetary logic.

I will be the first to say that the budget wasn't sold well and it didn't help the governments cause when the incoming PM, in what I can only assume was a moment of hubris, made a quite unnecessary remark, telling everyone that there will be not cuts to the ABC or SBS, just a day before his massive election victory.

I am sure that our great PM will need a bit of an image change to turn around the resent poll results but he does have time.

 No doubt about it, the ALP leader , Bill Shorten is also taking some advice about image and lately he has really started to fire up in his public appearances. Who could forget the hand punching the air rally when addressing the submarine builders union, also his sermon-like rant to the Christian Lobby, when preaching homosexual marriage!

BUT at no other time have I ever seen him so violent and firebrand in his preaching to the converted than at the Save Our ABC rally over this weekend. It was made the local Jihadist preachers look like they should be on PlaySchool.

Truly was a disturbing sight and I am wondering if this video will also be pulled off the ALP website for it oddness just like the ship-builders rant was?

I really don't know why Tony Abbott just doesn't privatise the ABC and be done with it. Then quality will improve, commercial bias can then be tolerated in a commercial marketplace and we save over a billion a year. This way no one can tell the PM that he lied about cost cutting either! hmmmmm?

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