Monday, April 6, 2015

Bogan Power‏

There are quite a few things that I cannot forgive Clive Palmer and his expediently failing Palmer United Party for, regarding his contribution to the Australian political landscape BUT NOTHING is higher on my list of Palmer's major mistakes than when he helped to get this now cashed up BOGAN, Senator Jacqui Lambie, into the Upper House of the Federal Government.

To think that my taxpayer dollars contribute to her lifestyle is as comparable to the rage that I feel when I recently watched an episode of "Housos" and realised that these actors are portraying reality and we have to pay for their irresponsible lifestyle also.

To think that our elected Government has to negotiate for at least another four years with this deluded Senatorial blocker and frankly uneducated wannabe is madness. I pray that the good people of Tasmania come to their senses by making sure that the plug is well and truly pulled on the "Jaqui Lambie Nework"!!

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Shy Ted said...

I'm really not sure the cats would hang around the crazy cat lady. Cats have standards.