Thursday, April 23, 2015


Well, that was one hell of a few days in the great state of NSW. I hope you and yours got through that cyclonic drenching fairly well. My power up here on the Central Coast is still out (49 hours and counting), thank God for natural gas and for the power outlet courtesy of the good folk at my local Macca's store.

Water, water everywhere and yes there is plenty to drink. The dams are full, especially Sydney's Warragamba  which is current at 87 percent BUT please don't tell the Australian of Year 2007 , the eminent Professor Tim Flannery because this will embarrass him to no end as this fact will not fit with his 100 percent certain prediction that the drought (caused by Anthropological Climate Change) will never break and that if we don't start living like our stone age ancestors and stop emitting that evil CO2 gas now,  the dams will dry up FOREVER and the only hope for mankind will be to build massively expensive desalination plants in all of the coastal regions.

Flannery's credibility on Global Climate Change and its causes make the likes of Bill Clinton and Lance Armstrong look like misunderstood and still very trustworthy fellows indeed. If they can't strip him of the Australian of the Year gong then they should just stop giving them out because like Flannery's reputation, IT IS SEVERELY TARNISHED NOW.

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