Monday, July 20, 2015


I'm no hypocrite when it comes to the mismanagement of taxpayer dollars. All Politicians and Public Servants MUST follow the rules & be accountable for their actions. The Speaker,  Bronwyn Bishop appears to have certainly made an error of judgement, regardless of whether or not she has paid for the helicopter flight in question (which she has) and regardless of whether or not she has apologised for the breach (which I believe she has yet to do?).

 It seems to me though that there is a massive section of the Mainstream Media that is truly hypocritical with regards to this issue and the fact remains that the incredibly massive media attention to this breach over the last 5 days has once again shown up the Pro-Left Media for just who they are and what they aren't.What they aren't is certainly not objective!

Should Bronwyn Bishop stand down or be sacked? I don't know if this mistake holds enough mens rea to exempt her from protection of the Parliament and her Party or even the forgiveness of taxpayers, but I don't think that the salivating Leftist cheer squad, especially those at Fairfax and The ABC, know this also. Mind you, if you follow there "objective" reporting of this, then you would imagine that Bronwyn should not only be sacked immediately but also be burned as a witch!

I don't recall this much coverage and hounding from the "Useful Idiots" of the so called "Four Estate" when we heard briefly of such breaches of public trust from the Red Team!

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