Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Social Engineering 101

Granville Boys High School:  Teachers threatened with violence by students

I was instantly taken back to my old Primary School & High School days and it is pretty obvious to my memory that this unacceptable behaviour would not only have not been tolerated but it just wouldn't have happened. So you have to examine just what has changed in our society to make it this bad?

I'd say that there is definitely an element of incompatible immigration but that would be more parochial to this case in question. Broadly speaking most European and Asian cultures have fitted in well and have added to the countries unique blend and prosperity.

The real cause is simply in my mind.... MARXIST SOCIAL ENGINEERING!

When the values that we have inherited from our parents and Church are no longer the norm but rather something to be ridiculed for and when such simple disciplines as Corporal Punishment are removed from all Schools, then the structure of respectful and descent behaviour will naturally corrode to the level that it is now.

Gramsci's "Long March Through The Institutions" distorting history and enforcing group-think rather than encouraging individualism has corrupted the minds of many educators today.

Throw massive Welfare dependency, the breakdown of the family unit and the promotion of the abnormal, throw other Socialist policies into the mix along with a healthy dose of Gangster American culture, with a dash of life-destroying drug addiction and you have the recipe for the disaster we see before us.

NOTE from JR:  What Zeg has missed is that  Ninety-nine per cent of students are from a non-English speaking background.  To be blunt, it is just Muslims being Muslims and showing their usual contempt for the rest of us.

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