Monday, February 29, 2016


I heard that something horrible was happening tomorrow. Please pass me the Stemetil because it's that time of the year again when the Love-In of the Useful Idiots open up their sewer pipe , LIIIIIVE and Direct to us all in HD from their Communist RED Carpet.

Okay, I get that occasionally some movies that come out of the Belly of the Beast actually have some merit and in the future will be seen as an achievement worth applauding, but for a very long time now, in my humble opinion, the mess of nonsensical and even diabolical perversion and deliberately deceitful Celluloid Productions pouring from the Hollywood Sewer, make the Days of Noah look like "The Good Old Days".

To think that these clowns even had to pull out the old racist card again, whilst millions of people are being slaughtered and worse, speaks volumes of the true nature of your average Hollywood Pretender.

This in the year that their guy, their "GREAT NEW HOPE" is finishing his second term of Presidency, with no more Peace or Goodwill in the World, rather the extreme opposite, as well as a Legacy of Policy that will likely ensure not only a new "Cold WAR" but most likely "World War 3" ( Cuba and Iran are just a few of his tragic errors, or deliberate efforts ), and to think that all of this mess will soon be left in the hands of either a Populist Ego Maniac or a pair of Socialist Elitists!

I wonder which lucky fellow will be able to play the role of President Barack Obama in the soon to be made EPIC MOVIE of his life and rise to the White house?

They'd better hurry up and decide whilst they still have a Hollywood to shoot it in!

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