Sunday, February 28, 2016

Ohhh the Humanity!!!

I managed to get myself out of bed to offer you this one (Anti-Seizure & Blood Pressure Meds make you very tired, good news it I should be off them in a few months, God willing), I mean I just had to say something.

Weeping as I listen to the Radio and the TV News about this very disturbing Goat Race in the USA, where there isn't a runner on either side that I would give the Nuclear Codes too, let alone intrust the protection of our future freedom or democracy too at a time when the Islamic Caliphate marches along through Europe & the Global Institutions with the LONG TERM Support of the Global Marxists.

 I am not at all sickened to hear nothing more than the whining and white-anting of our very way of life by the Leftist Media and now some in the so called "Conservative" Media, more concerned with the ever more "pressing issues" of Australian Republicanism and some Aussie female basketball playing fan of Kanye West, (another great useful idiot), being torn apart by the oh so over concerned Media , just because she twittered a photo of herself in some deluded black face tribute to that Jackass.

Only God can help us now, because we do seem very, very lost!

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