Wednesday, March 29, 2017


My good friend and fellow Libertarian Warrior, The Unstoppable Wordsmith, Mr Peter Brun of Sydney, has inspired me with one of his many wonderful limericks.

Peter has given me permission to compliment his words with my art and I have come up with this cartoon.

I hope that you can see what I see and I know that many Libertarians, Conservative or not, can also see,that our "Pandering to the Doctors Wives Turncoat Usurping PM", is now using the 18C/D FIGHT to APPEAR to be fighting for what Australians such as Bill Leak, Peter Brun and you and I, do everyday. All in order to claw back the support of the Liberty loving Conservative base, who are jumping out of the PM's sinking ship and running to the likes of Cory Bernardi and The PHON Party.

This recent Turnbull posturing on the way overdue 18C reform, has only been motivated by the consistently growing internal and external demands to do something about this treacherous legislation, before Bill Shorten (who should be unelectable ) becomes our next Socialist PM. And alas it took the death of Bill Leak to kick our PM into making a public effort to correct this great wrong that infects another of our shameful great wrongs, The AHRC.

His pretence is too little too late for Bill Leak and the others already touched by this direct assault on our Liberty. The PM knew that his words were a performance piece and that the hostile leftist Senate would not allow the amendments, so why did he bother? ..... To appear to do something, of course!

How many more Australians will be silenced by this filthy Act before it is finally removed?

I just don't know but I am sure that I am in likeminded company here, when I say that the fight must never stop!

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