Thursday, April 6, 2017

Up the Priority Creek without a Paddle or a Clue.

"What's the worse that can happen?"

Probably the most famous of all last words. It displays a true lack of wisdom and a sloth's complacency, that unfortunately we in The so called Free First World Secular Liberal West, will no doubt soon understand as our greatest and last act of folly -- if we don't rally now and fight harder against our emboldened enemies.

Whilst The USA and Russia (with North Korea, Iran & China in the wings) pick a fight over Syria and risk absolute Armageddon, as they fight over Israel and the Palestine, along with the control of the most addictive substance on the planet,.... OIL, our "She'll be right mate" idiotic Politicians, quibble for votes, like Gulls over a few potato chips, posturing & pandering over nothing issues that are the World to minor lobbies with agenda's not suitable in a civilised, natural Society, nor fitting the Australian way of life.

This Premier of Victoria thinks that Children will grow to be better human beings, if they are denied Disney fairy tale adventures and spend their precious youth learning about the distortion of the natural world and how to be a perfect robotic citizen of the future. If this isn't indoctrination and child abuse of itself, then I am not here.

Meanwhile a naturally occurring coral bleaching breaks out in a nothing area of the GREAT Barrier Reef, and it's all our fault because we decided 200 years ago to industrialise and improve our way of life, whilst Homosexuals keep trying to convince our weak kneed  Law Makers, that black is white and a round peg fits easily and naturally into a square hole, whilst using words like Equality and Love as the reason for their "natural attraction"

Most of them are not aware that they are USEFUL IDIOTS is a long planned game to assist the Marxist Agenda in destroying the foundation stones of the NATURAL SOCIETY that we live in, The Family Unit which is still stronger than any Government Control.

Nature requires males and females to breed in order for us to survive. That is the NATURAL cause of why Homosexuals are in a vast minority, nature doesn't want it to happen.

I have had my children and done my bit for the continuation of Mankind, but on days when it looks to me as if God is just going to come out of the Heavens at any minute and wipe out this perverted, sick and wicked World for doing the opposite of what we all know is normal and correct, then I almost regret having brought them into this stuffed up broken place.

Then I remember why I wanted them and what I must do to help them. The same as my parents and their parents and their parents and so on did, FIGHT!!!

That's what I needed to say to get that off my chest, and make no mistake, the enemies of God and the Natural Order, Peace and Love and all that is Good, have not won this Battler,  they have only woken this Soldier of God, and I know that they will not win this WAR!

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