Sunday, June 25, 2017

Concrete Policy Testing

Streets of the future: Anti-terror bollards rolled out in Australian cities

Clearly Sarah Hyphen-Young would be more concerned with the poor Jihadi's welfare as they must be feeling quite unloved now at the eyesore that is spreading though every Australian city!, let alone the thwarting of next weeks now cancelled mass murder.

The obvious ugliness of the these new grey cement blocks is pale compared to the ugliness that they now represent, a reminder of The Greens actual OPEN Borders Policy and the continued "COEXIST" Multiculti Marxist Social Engineering doctrine of the last 40 years.

Lord Mayor, Clover (NO)Moore, in Sydney, should just adore them though. That Chardonnay Sipping Socialist, has been doing her best for over a decade, to turn Sydney into some kind of a Parisian Bohemian "place to be" with her war on cars and miles of useless bike lanes.

She'll likely throw table cloths over them, and put a few chairs in the Paris style of course, around them, and commission wine carts to patrol the now void of cars and shoppers streets of what was once the most active place of trade and commerce in Australia. She wanted Paris, well here it is!.

No doubt they will become the new canvases for all the budding BANKSY Wannebes out there and the usual taggers.

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