Friday, July 7, 2017


TORA TORA TORA, is the LOUD CRY from The Civil Aviation & Safety Authority, after Air Marshall Turnbull, hears of the DANGER imposed to the innocent Voters by The RECKLESS ANTICS of the PHON Leader, and fellow OUTSIDER, Pauline Hanson, after she is self captured on social media, harmlessly flying a drone from the balcony of a Townsville apartment.

They really are SCARED TO DEATH AGAIN of this Woman.

The Established Political and Media class,  won't be content until they have her discredited and even behind Bars, AGAIN, where she cannot upset their status quo.

Of course the "USEFUL IDIOTS" of the Australian Lamestream Media just go along for the ride, because nothing sells Newspapers & Air Time like a good old PAULINE HANSON BASHING!

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