Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Dubious defence expenditure

And the cartoon of the week goes to the Minister Marise Payne, in charge of the Australian Department of Defence -- for awarding $1,052,330, to the 17 "blokes" that want to be woman, and have breast enhancement surgery and go the full chop

These are "Soldiers" that currently serve in our ADF. Geez that will really help the esprit-de-corps of the fighting men, as they look over at their mate who is now a sheila, as the bullets go flying by their heads, and as the enemy realise that they have nothing to really fear because they are fighting a bunch of transexuals and not men.

NO,  at this time of pending War in our region and during our Budget and Energy Crisis, we need to be wasting taxpayer money on making some sick people feel better about their bodies , as much as we need a Nuclear War!

As this trend continues, you'll have those that want to be gender reassigned, signing up for the free operation and treatment, then use that as a reason to get out before their indenture period is over.

What the hell is going on with country? Don't answer , I know, Cultural Marxism and Satan laughing his ass off.

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