Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Kevin 07 Rudd: Former ALP PM with the Black Heart

What a marketing stroke of genius to launch his 2 Volume diatribe of the history of the Rudd/Gillard/Rudd Political Era, in accordance with Kevin's remarkable memory and proven honestly, at a time when it is revealed that the great NBN is costing many billions more than it was forecast to cost and as the system is already falling apart at the seams, it has proven to be another one of those ideas that should have stayed on the back of a drink coaster from whence it was created.

Take into consideration that with the ever rising cost of living due to the rising foreign and domestic debt, Marxist forces that are forcing Australian Companies to go offshore to be in their game, and lack of real wages growth, (pause for breath) PLUS the energy crisis as Coal Fired Power Plants are needlessly being deactivated to make way for the non existent Politically Correct Homogenous Renewable Energy Models (MOVING FORWARD), that the majority of Australians are now finding out is a reality

Would only want one as I will likely need it in the future to help keep a fire going, to keep warm.

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