Thursday, April 19, 2018

The GREEN OUTRAGE of a Reply to the question of do we STOP THIS MURDER in Syria

Australia backs airstrikes on Syria, but Greens oppose use of missiles

This work pretty much covers all of the main players involved in this Syrian Chemical Warfare response of the West.

I've added the Australian prospective of course , as the GREENS Leader flies across this tragedy in Damascus with his usual "SNOWFLAKE" approach the bigger problems that plague this Fallen World.

Once again this "Chook with no head on" is screaming down Trump and the UK and France direct involvement and the Australian Turnbull Govt. support, for this needed action imho, yet he and no one on the Left, has ever has and likely never will be able to offer any type of best tactical solution that will rein in this Asaad MADMAN DICTATOR and his backers in Russia and Iran.

Surely, this "ARAB SPRING" experiment is now reaping the harvest that it was designed to create, a start to a Nuclear and perhaps Global exchange of ICBM's.

It was only a matter time,  be it President Trump or any other POTUS who had to say enough is enough. We do remember Obama and his "Thin Red Line" Policy of cowardice and look at what that gave us... THIS!

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