Wednesday, June 13, 2018

If it doesn't bleed then it doesn't lead......... BUGGER!

Here's my take on this historical day of East meeting West, .....but do we really believe in this 21 Century call of "Peace in our time" nonsense?

Alas I don't and if the Mainstream Leftist Media could bring on WW3, then I am sure they would as they sell as much air time and copy with the usual Trump caricature wearing a Dunce Hat whilst trying to disarm a Nuke.

Well be that is may be or not, I am pretty sure that the I know who will not be happy until Trump is playing Tweet Wars again with The Rocket man.

Talk about being OFF SCRIPT for them both. I can see the "Usual Suspects" mouths hit the floor as they try to think of a way to spin this back into a media friendly conflict.

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