Monday, June 18, 2018


Will Australia's "Pravda" soon be toast? Will the ABC be hived off?

At the recent NSW Liberal Party Federal Council team forum, following a most energetic passionate speech by PM Malcolm Turnbull - "...that our values are based on freedom. Those values are timeless and more timely than ever"...

Well hear bloody hear PM, so let's remove these long run Marxist Taxpayer Funded Broadcasters and let us see if they can swim in the Ocean of Market Approval. If they are the High Ground Majority Opinion Leaders on every issue, as they would have us believe, then surely they should have zero problems with gathering up enough Commercial sponsorship money, to keep THEIR ABC and SBS afloat!

In my opinion they will find themselves in quite a spot of bother as they soon hit that Ocean of Reality and are praying for LAND before they go DOWN. Just as their Commercial Cousins at Fairfax and the Guardian are now doing..... God willing they sink like a rock and that will help to turn Australia around from this endless Leftist Spiral into Oblivion.


Liberal Party council votes to sell off the ABC and move Australian embassy to Jerusalem

The Liberal Party’s peak council voted overwhelmingly in favour of privatising the public broadcaster with backing of a conservative think-tank.


I am also very happy about the Vote to move the Australian Embassy to Jerusalem. It is the Capital of Israel therefore where our Embassy should be.

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