Friday, August 24, 2018

It's just another jump to the Left

That's it, game over! The Left has successfully infiltrated and is cemented now as the core base of the Federal Liberal Party.

the vote of 45 to 40 in favourite of the progressive Scott Morrison, is a clear enough indication now to Australia that the Party is ideologically split, therefore how can a left of centre Liberal Voter or even a hard right Voter, trust the Party?  They can not!

This is why we see the rise in the popularity of anti Marxist and anti PC Political Parties such as One Nation, Bob Katter and The Australian Conservatives. Senator Cory Bernardi saw this a mile off and was smart enough to get off the sinking ship and form a SAVING Political Party for the Conservative Australian to support.

Mission accomplished Karl Marx, you have killed Sir Robert Menzies vision from the grave.

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