Saturday, September 8, 2018

OUR THELMA AND ............

What the hell is she doing now?

Let's just throw in a little more public disapproval before the soon to be election. It's bad enough that Turnbull's offspring are agreeing with her and his Son is running in Wentworth for Labor in the upcoming by election!..... he couldn't wait until May the backstabber!!!

This must be a long game tactic of Julie Bishop's. She must think that the ALP has it sewn up and in a short time after the defeat, that Scott Morrison's loss (he's now the Party Scapegoat) to one of the country's most unpopular Labor Opposition Leaders since Latham, that she will be the seen by the fence sitters and the Left as he only way out of another Shorten Reign.

Take a bow Tony Abbott. Nice guys always come last and your loyalty has not only cost you your Prime Ministership but now the after a near full term of the Turnbull leftist lunacy, we have another Liberal Party that will make the RUDD/GILLARD/RUDD Dynasty look lie a stable alternative memory.

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