Thursday, September 27, 2018

Aunty's Secret Medicine

Why is the Media not exploring this ABC Rubbish from another angle that just seems so obvious to me. This has to be one of the most diabolical scheme that I have yet to see in our ever spiralling down Political landscape.

For The ABC to now take such a high moral ground and base it on their reputation as an " Independent Non Bias reporting and Production House" is the HEIGHT OF HYPOCRISY. The NERVE !!!

In my opinion, this is all engineered at the exact time the Preferred PM Polls emerge after the Government gets rid of a traitorous Leftist "friend" of the Public Broadcaster and replaces him with a PM from the Christian Right, who is unfortunately for the Left, rapidly lifting up the prospects of another LNP Term of Government.

This has to have been a time-bomb perfectly timed for this very event. The Vaucluse Clan and the Marxist Overlords of the MSM, are never to be underestimated in their desire to see THE ALP/GREENS rule this Nation.

God help us all if we are stupid enough to let this distraction turn us away from a Conservative Governance that will be like no other since Menzies, I predict.

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